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Are you planning to make your new office? You can enter the office requirement details below & get approximate space & cost calculation for your office.

Every project is unique & you will be having your own special requirements. Please contact us for detailed estimates as per your special requirements.

Office Space
Passage Space (%)

Work Station

Workstations along with storage spaces for each person.

Meeting Room

Small meeting room with meeting table & 4-8 seating.

Executive Cabin

Executive cabins with return desk, credenza unit & visitor chairs.

Director Cabin

Director cabins with return desk, credenza unit, visitor chairs, shelf & visitor sofa space.

Conference Room

Conference Room with table & 10-14 seating.


Basic pantry with breakout counter & seating for 2-6 persons.


Reception area with reception table & waiting area for 2-6 persons.


Cafeteria with seating for 12-40 person.

Training Room

Training room with projectors & seating for 16-24 persons.


Washroom area for Gents/Ladies.

Server Room

Server room & IT storage space.


Library with book racks & free seating for 2 to 8 persons.

Ante Room

Ante room with basic utilities & seating for 4 to 8 persons.

Innovation Room

Innovation room with projectors & seating for 15-20 persons.

Medical Room

First Aid room.

Sit out ( Balcony)

Free open balcony area.

Electrical / UPS Room

Electrical & UPS room.

Free Sitting

Free spaces for 2-6 persons.

Store Room / Filing Room

Storage room with open rack shelving.


HVAC room.

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